Modular Homes

$200,000 - $400,000 / 600 - 3500 Sq Ft Delivered In 5 months or Less

Step #1 : Introduction
Step #2: Design
Step #3: Financing
Step #5: Construction
Step #6: Arrival

Modular Homes have come a very long way in terms of quality, customization options, ease of access, funding ability and overall entry to high quality-built homes for significantly less than a custom home builder.  If you are interested in a Modular Home through Bos Realty Group, then the first step is to connect with Curtis Nelson who is our construction sales and design manager.  He has over 10+ years working as a high-end residential construction operations manager so walking you through the design, estimation, funding and overall construction process is nothing new to him.  We'll schedule a 30 min - 1 hour in person meeting to discuss modular vs custom homes, the ins and outs of each, and then overall expectations and processes.  

The design process of our Modular Home is made very simple.  We have hundreds of plans to sort through to try and find something that suites your needs.  When most people think Modular, they think the plan is set in stone and cannot change.  That is simply not true.  Every plan can be change to some extent and we've even worked with custom plans.  There are some minimum requirements in order to convert a custom plan into a modular home, but we walk each owner through that process to design the home they truly want and need. 

Part of the design phase is taking our owners through the selection book which covers wall coverings, floor coverings, tile back splashes, counter tops, cabinet selections, entry bench colors, wood type and so much more. Our selections seem near endless.  If you have an idea on something you want in your home, we can most likely get it in there somehow.  We'll send this book home with your along with other samples to really get a feel for what you want in your new home.  After you've made your selections, we typically schedule a trip to see a model home just to confirm you like everything you've picked.  

Financing your Modular Home has never been easier.  These homes are truly "stick built" but just completed in a controlled environment.  Banks no longer look at our Modular Homes as manufactured because they are built using the same construction techniques as custom home builders.  Typically, our financing packages are new construction financing that is then rolled into a conventional loan.  It ranges from 3% down up to 20%.  We'll work side by side with you and your lender to get the appropriate financing package in place prior to any orders being submitted.  The construction draw schedule will look as follows:  

25% of the construction project is due upon the initial order.

50% is due prior to the building leaving the yard.

15% is due when the building arrives.

10% is due upon completion.  


We handle all the paperwork for draw schedules to the bank and title companies and will just need your signature at the appropriate times to have the draws submitted.  We then collect and manage any lien waivers and submit those to you when completed.

Curtis Nelson of Bos Realty Group will manage all construction oversight on your project.  This includes sub-contractor estimation, awarding bids & contracts, home design and construction, home transportation, crane scheduling, utilities installation, sub-contractor finish work, and even landscaping oversight.  We truly want to make this process as easy as possible for our owners.  Our end goal is to have the owner sit back, relax, and watch their home being assembled right in front of them with little to no worries.  The typical timeline is as follows:

Month #1: Design & Estimation

Month #2: Financing & Home Ordering

Month #3: Earthwork & Foundation

Month #4: Home on Site

Month #5 Completion

When your new Modular Home arrives on site there are a lot of moving parts that need to be considered.  We'll review site conditions, weather, sub-contractor schedules, crane set up and access, utility installation and much more.  This again however will be taken over by your dedicated project manager, so you don't have to worry about it.  Homes will come in several sections depending on the size, shape and overall complexity of the home.  

Typically, a part of the home will arrive the day before and then the remainder will show up the day we are setting it on the foundation.  Our crews will spend whatever time is necessary to have the home installed and buttoned up before they leave for the day.  Day 1 is the longest.  Day 2 is for starting siding installation on the end walls and getting to the work that the Modular Dealer will not perform.  We will build garages, decks and porches on site, as well as must finish some interior work.  

Our interior finish package will be installing flooring, a few drywall patches where the seams come together, hooking up water lines, electrical service lines, installing your HVAC system among other things.  These are all items that we will cover in Step 1: Introduction and will ultimately be covered in your construction loan.  We ideally do not like to see any additional costs associated with the building after we leave the design phase.  Our time on site after arrival can range depending on scope of work but on average, we spend roughly 1 - 3 weeks completing your new home. 

Once we are complete with all additional work we will communicate with your lender, close out the construction loan and help you roll over into a traditional home loan.  

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Design / Project Management

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