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Listing your house with Bos Realty Group is easy

The decision to sell your current property should not be taken lightly.  We understand the reasons for selling and can walk all of our clients through the real estate process in an easy and efficient manner.  We take ample time to review all possible outcomes and ensure that the seller and our Bos Agents are on the same page prior to any listing taking place.  It is our guarantee that your real estate transaction will be handled as if were our own.  

Digital Marketing

Bos real estate agents use online real estate marketing tactics to get your property out in front of prospects and customers.  Today's buyers are technology driven and that is where we start marketing your property as "ready to sell."

Physical Marketing

Old school physical marketing is still a good staple to rely on when you are ready to sell.  Our real estate agents supplement digital marketing with signs, flyers, mailers, post cards and more and all houses for sale.  We leave no source unaccounted for when selling your property.

Open House Schedule

Open houses are a good way to get a lot of foot traffic into our houses for sale.  We'll help stage your ready to sell property and create an inviting home for potential buyers, other real estate agents and investors that come through the door. 

The Bos Network

We sell more houses through our own network of vendors, real estate agents, and local connections than anything else.  We'll put this realtor network to work on Day 1 of your new listing.  If you are ready to sell call Bos Realty Today.

Brand Awareness

Bos Realty Group is fast becoming known as the "go to" real estate agent team that makes houses ready to sell faster and for top dollar.  Let us give you a free realtor consultation on your property today.

Social Media

We are very active on all social media & other realtor networks. We understand the importance of updated information and will continually monitor updates for; new properties, price changes, picture updates and much more for all houses for sale. Get in contact with a Bos real estate agent today.