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Due Diligence:  We have a proven systematic approach to the entire due diligence package on all real estate related transactions.  We look at different market projections, research, valuations, overall property expenses, zoning, proformas and much more.  We'll take this systematic approach on your next real estate project and ensure the highest return on investment.

Contracts:  We are a real estate company whom specializes in contract negotiations and partner with only the best law firms.  It is our mission to make certain that every contract or lease negotiation is fully reviewed and understood.  Your Bos Realtor will review any and all questions you may have.

Vendors / Sub Contractors:  Making connections with only the best builders and sub contractors has been a goal from day 1.  We've made these connections so when the time comes to invest in a property that needs work we are there to help.  We can either handle the entire estimation and construction scheduling process or can make the introductions and have you work one on one with the builder and subcontractors themselves.

Buyer and Seller Agents:  Being a real estate company that specializes in several kinds of real estate we need to have staff whom are experts in certain areas as well.  We have real estate agents who specializes in working with: buyers, sellers, construction / rehab, and commercial / lease option.  No matter your real estate needs we will have an agent who is an expert.

Lease Agreements:  We'll handle all negotiations on newly formed leases or renewals.  Bos Realty Group will make sure you are getting the best financial return on your lease options.  Our contract negotiations and construction estimation experience helps us value lease space accurately.

Marketing:  Marketing is technology driven and we are always adapting to new marketing strategies.  We primarily focus on digital marketing, Geo Fencing, YouTube targeted adds and Google search targeted adds.  We have no doubt that we can market your property in a way that will create buzz and get in front of the perfect client.

Inspections & Appraisals:  It is our personal agenda to attend all inspections and appraisals on all of our real estate projects.  We want to ensure all items are accounted for and that each and every property is valued correctly.

Communication:  Bos Realty Group is a real estate firm which maintains an open and active communication line for every real estate project.  We believe no question should go unanswered and no answer should be misunderstood.  We take pride in having closed loop communication throughout the entire process.