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We don’t follow the masses, we are the rare ones who have dared to blaze our own trail and have some fun along the way.

We truly spend the time to listen.

At Bos Realty Group we make it our mission to put the needs of our clients ahead of our own.  We understand that the purchase or disposal of your real estate is likely one of your largest investments and should be treated as such.  A large investment requires ample due diligence which covers market trends, supply vs demand, competition, expired home sales, canceled listings, buyer tips, selling tips, “what if” scenarios, and much more.  Each one of our agents is trained and knowledgeable about collecting the correct market data and presenting that information to you.  Being properly informed is the first step to any of your real estate goals.

Become that CONFIDENT HOMEOWNER who hired a great real estate agent, had no issues or concerns, got their home sold fast or bought a house of their dreams and went on to never have to worry about real estate again. 

Whether you’re buying, selling, investing or just looking around; make the right choice and choose a Bos Realty Agent today!  We guarantee to be non-typical on your next transaction or else we’ll cut our fees to make it right.  

When you think REAL ESTATE, think BOS REALTY GROUP.


Curtis Nelson 

Owner of Bos Realty Group

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Typical Buyer's Agent

-Struggling to free up your schedule to view a house only to find your typical realtor isn't available.

-End up paying more for a property because of emotion and not good accurate market data provided by your realtor.

-End up losing the home of your dreams because you never discussed a negotiation plan with your realtor.

Our amazing team of dedicated buyer's specialists will not let any of this happen to you.  We walk you through all expectations up front and only enter into a contract once all of our bases are covered.  It is our goal to find your next dream home.

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Typical Seller's Agent

-Typical real estate agent is paid a full commission regardless of their performance.

-There is no incentive for an agent to spend time and money marketing a property since they have no skin in the game. They simply put it on the MLS and wait for another realtor to show it.

-Property is priced incorrectly and the increased time on market costs you money and added stress.

Break the chain today and choose Bos Realty Group.  Our team of local experts will put you at ease and streamline the transaction or else we guarantee to lower our fees to match our service.

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    1,800 sqft   lot 9,366 sqft
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    3,212 sqft   lot 1.20 ac
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    2 Beds,  1 Bath
    1,500 sqft   lot 3.75 ac
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    MLS 5496961
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    3,097 sqft   lot 58.77 ac
    Listed with Bos Realty Group LLC
    MLS 5321425
  8. 3 Beds,  2 Baths
    1,700 sqft   lot 10.00 ac
    Listed with Bos Realty Group LLC
    MLS 5321214