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Only the Best Deals

Why settle for a traditional real estate agent?

Safety & Performance


 We offer a wide array of real estate agent services all of which start with identifying safe properties to invest in while mitigating as much risk as possible. We only take on properties that can be identifiable as safe and secure.

Customer Service


 Bos Realty Group is in place to give guidance, market research, design, and consultations on all size homes for sale. We will go above and beyond with customer service to guarantee performance on your next real estate deal.



 Our real estate agents, sub contractors, and vendors will handle all transactions with the utmost professionalism regardless of size.  Let us guide you through your next real estate acquisition or disposition. 

"Authentic, Results Driven, Goals"

What Sets Bos Agents Apart

Multi Trade Experience

Our real estate agents come to the table with more than just real estate experience.  We have agents which came from construction, law, title, inspection, appraisal and other real estate related experiences.  We have an agent that will fit your needs perfectly.

Rigorous Due Diligence

We take ample time to review all possible outcomes in each real estate transaction and if the deal doesn't perform to your expectations we'll recommend moving to another property.  We have real estate agents who are highly specialized in construction estimation and contract negotiations and will perform our due diligence package on all transactions. 

Investment Experience

In order to be a real estate agent with Bos Realty Group you need to have had past real estate investment experience.  Our agents know how to identify sound deals and understand what to look for.  We will only put safe investment properties in front of our clients that fits their needs, budgets and overall wants.

Trendsetting Marketing

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing...  Today's world is all about digital marketing and we have a proven record of getting our homes for sale in front of the perfect client.  Our real estate agents will target very particular clients and create buzz around your property for those clients.

Unparalleled Commitment

With multi faceted real estate agents we are committed to provide the best agent for your investment needs.  Real estate transactions  can be complex at times and we are committed to work with each client until the transaction is complete.

Closed Loop Communication

We pride ourselves on closed loop communication regardless of the property size.  Our real estate agents use a systematic approach regarding communication streams and will follow through on all inquiries.